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Get To Know You Again

Get To Know You Again

Nice to hear your voice after all these years
You actually sounded like a friend (bad joke)
Don't know why I called, guess it's just because I think of you at Christmas.

It's hard to feel as if we even know each other anymore.
Do we even know how to become friends after all that?
After all those false alarms, trying to revive what's probably gone forever.
Guess I made a nuisance of myself, listening to those old voices.

Can you forgive me for being so blind
As to think that we had stayed the same?
I didn't mean to press you, only get to know you again.

Can we ever get past the past?

I've abandoned all those fantasies,
Buried 'em once and for all.
Just wanna get to know you again, but I really couldn't tell you why.

Maybe it's because I've never been touched by anyone like you.
And you'll never be loved like you were loved by me.
No, nobody's ever gonna love you with a love like mine.

But that was then, this is now.
We're all grown up with realities to nurse.
Don't wanna return to the scene of the crime, just get to know you again.
And I have no idea how...

Yeah, that's all I wanna do, just get to know you again.
get to know you again
get to know you again
get to know you again.
See what kind o' woman that girl's become.

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