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Get Up
RB (1979 / Calgary)

Get Up

Poem By Robert Brendan

there is things to do
a paper to read
delivered right to the outside
of your door
a walk to take
down the sidestreet if you
no need to exhibit yourself
expose yourself
on the strip
a breakfast
tofu club with chips
and humus.
and before all this
a shower
the lathering of your hair
drying yourself
with stiff
underwashed towels
clothes to put on
socks to crust and crackle
your toes with
shoes to strap
and light to announce
your arrival.
now just think
tomorrow you get to do
all of this
except just a few hours earlier
so you can let some
waste your time
and energy
while you despair
to get paid
in the future
when its done
for something that people
will see or use
for a brief while
on a screen as dead as
their overrated potential
found only by being given
the key
and the purpose.

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