Get What You Deserve

Icing covers the personality making it a pleasurable endurance
All the conversation; you are invited to see her
A beautiful lively stricken moth
Colored a pail green
Eats the rotted rose colored silk
A light decoration hangs from my ceiling,
Just as his knee hangs from its socket
Horrified face; I cover my face
Screams of anger; pleading, make it stop
I run
I sit
I wait
Is he okay?
Lips creased dry at the tips
Eyes glassy, words tumble;
I can’t feel anything
Hand bruised; what a friend
Face a pail white he was issued a warning
He feels guilt; what a friend
I sit awestricken
I’m sorry; it’s a type of reverence
It’s a type of renewal
Its pure pain
My decorated peach flushed cheeks darken
I’m sorry it’s a type of…
Well, you get what you deserver
My body shaking; too much caffeine
Mind released; I can’t feel anything
My mind a developing illusion
Forget the confusion
This is my conclusion…
Leg hanging skin tightened
And it’s just; pure pain
Physical stress
You know the rest
Must I refresh?
Its well, what he deserved

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