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Get You Out Of My Life

Rewrite of the Jodeci song, All My Life

I pray I never find another lover

As bitter as you

Bitter as you

And I pray that I will never find another lover

As jealous as you

Jealous as you

Boy, you got too damn close to me

Made me start to smother

Too damn close to me

Tried to control

Like you were my father

Too damn close to me

On my skin like a blister

Too damn close to me

You really have become such a bother

You won't let me talk to any other

And for that

This farewell song I must sing

Just got to get you out of my life

Cause I never prayed for someone like you

And I can't believe God

Would let me

Let me end up with someone like you

And so I got to get you out of my life

Cause I never prayed for anyone like you

And I hope one day you will understand

Why I feel as I do

Yes, I pray no longer with my heart

You will screw

I really hope

You're getting this message, baby

Cause I mean it when I say

Never again will I fall in love

With a cheater and a liar like you

You're the mistake I'm thinking of

And so I scream at the dark lord above

For sending me your twisted love

Pray someday you will perish....

2019 Ramona Thompson

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Comments (14)

Nicely done. I enjoye the piece. Thanks for sharing
Denouncing the over possessiveness and deceitful behavior of lover, throwing him out of life. Great message. Congrats on poem of the Day.
Reflected the fact of life. Thanks.
Hey Ramona, Congrats on your poem.
To pray that someone will perish shows a cruel and vicious heart, a little too much evil here for me I'm afraid
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