Getting Back To The Stable At Christmas

Poem By Mac Wilkey

The rancher rode his horse one night, the snow piled on the trail
He’d traveled far to get back home, but feared that he might fail
But when the stars shone brightly; he knew he wouldn’t stray
The wise men must have looked above and followed that same way.

He wondered if young Joseph felt the way that he did now
He heard the sound of animals, some sheep perhaps a cow
He saw the barn just up ahead; the open door, the hay
Young Mary must have looked ahead and seen it that same way.

He tied his horse inside the barn but tiredness settled in
He lay down by the manger and couldn’t help but grin
He looked up at the animals and thought back to the day
The Christ child must have looked around and seen them that same way.

His family heard the noise and all came rushing to his side
They gathered round and then they laughed as little Johnny cried
“My Daddy’s home! My Daddy’s home! “That’s all the boy could say.
The Shepherds with adoring eyes saw Jesus that same way.

Comments about Getting Back To The Stable At Christmas

Mac what a lovely poem written with such Christmas love you get full marks from me. I just love poems about Christmas cheers Sylvie
Beautiful piece for the season, I did enjoy...thank you.

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