KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

Getting Back To Zero

I sit here and feel so lonely
I could dance or sing
instead I lay my head on the keyboard
and my thoughts become words on the screen
I have tried to bring you back to me
but you have found solitude
in a small place you call home
Yet home is where I sit now
so where is this place you go to
not so far away but so far away from me
Now there is only walls and space
to occupy my time and fill my day
and my nights are long and yet so fast
for when I sleep I do not think about the past
I only dream about ways of landing you
and reeling you in close to me
back to where I belong and where you were
back to ZERO
If I can go back to this place
I can begin again and start over
I can make things right and create happiness
and count again
ZERO is better than one but less than two
this is why I want to start over with you

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Nice poem very well written 10(: