Getting Back Up

So my stuggle is over,
I have come through the storm,
A storm of emotions,
Bitter and cold,

What would I have done,
If those close to me where not there,
I don't think I could have ever,
Come out of that storm within,

For what seemed like forever,
I was trapped in that twist,
Of storm filled emotions,
Going around fast in my head,

I cannot say,
How much,
I really do love and cherish,
My sisters and my mother,
That saw me through the struggles,
I had about myself,
And the turmoil's in my life,

And now it is calm,
And the storm has come and gone,
I am left with the calm,
And emotions still and sound,

I have learnt you cannot go through life,
With carrying all your woes,
Without sharing them with someone who cares,
It really lightens your load,

The stormy emotions have now ceased,
With the help and support of them,
They believed in me,
And brought me back,
To the happy place I'm in,

I feel now I have returned,
Back to the place where I belong,
For you really cannot go through life,
Without the support,
Of people who care,
And support you through it all.

by Ellen Ni Bheachain

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