Getting Enough Out Of Life

'I am not getting enough out of life' I said.
'What does God get out of life? ' He asked.
'Well everything I guess.'
'No God doesn't get anything out of life' he said.
'Life gets everything out of God,
and God is not unhappy.'

'you see that leaf
as it floats down from the tree,
care for it, hold it gently on the air
and set it down on the earth with care;
now your breath,
join with it as it comes and goes
feel it fill the lungs, bring life,
and that worm there on the ground,
join its sound,
as it turns the earth.'

'Start with simple things' he said
'let life receive his love through you;
God knows how to be happy.'

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

i'm happy when god 's happy with me.out of all your life, salute him and He'll make you happy, inside out.
As I stated on the forum David, I loved this poem it is an excellent write, you have excelled with this one. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX