Getting High

Drinking coffee
In the street outside
Watching all the world
Go by
Mind is reaching
To the sky
Do you know that mind
Is really very
Very fine
Let go, let go
Of thoughts
Replace them
All with naught
But lots and lots
Of noughts
Then mind will
Soar up high
And rest
With all the stars
Which through
The heavens

We will breathe
A restful sigh
With mind so high
Up in the sky.
Without these thoughts
That keep us bound
Mind that outruns the stars
Is found
Peaceful and serene
A quiet mind
Is all that’s seen
And in that stillness
With no end
All that’s needed
Can attend
The places that
We find ourselves
Each and every time
That’s now
It is this stillness
And not thoughts
That brings us peace
Not useless talk
When all the time
We just look on
Until our mortal
Time is

by David Taylor

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