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Getting Ideas
JN ((1969 -) / England)

Getting Ideas

Poem By J.L. Nash

Searching for an original thought
was extremely difficult
on a Monday morning
after drinking half a bottle of chocolate schnapps on a Sunday
especially with my sensitive stomach
So on the toilet I sat, searching
The only thing
I felt I was skilled in
was crapping
Ah, Majuro movements.
Be honest, I said to myself
Perhaps you’re just not that clever
You can’t be to drink all
that filth again
you’re hardly the practical type
you knew how it would affect you
and that you had (home) work to

Perhaps I am just easily fooled
was my reply, remembering my intentions
of the previous night
(I do try to be affectionate with myself)
in times of stomach trouble, it
sort of helps ease the pain)
Slowly I moved off the pan,
flushed away today’s reminder
of yesterday’s excess and
decided to make my way
to a store
in a quiet back street,
near The Tourist Trap
that sells ideas
for $3 a piece
It’s good to have a
flexible enough to cheat.

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