'Getting In God's Way'

Some of us seem to want to always help,
Jumping out to those opened hands of prey.
But you may be interfering with God's plan?
And just be getting in God's way.

There are lessons He wishes too teach us all,
And never learned if we do not stumble and fall.
So when someone in need does come your way,
Let God guild your decision, when you pray.

Pauls' infirmities God did not heal of bad health,
And that of Job, God allowed Satan to rob him of his wealth.
This was done to show God's lessons work in play.
Please don't be getting, in God's way.

God does not mean for us not too help,
The hungry, lost and the poor.
But think and go to God in prayer,
And you might see it different then before?

by Linda Winchell

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