Getting It Wrong

Sitting on the patio
At Jeff and Melanie’s
Just to be near Melanie
In hopes I would be well positioned
When they broke up

It was obvious they were different
Not in an opposites attracting way
More in a ships passing way
It would not be a poisonous ending
Full of blisters and recriminations
Rather just a gradual un-entwining.
I would be a voice of reason
And strength for her
And at the right moment my
Caress of friendship would become

One bright afternoon on the patio
Jeff showed me a letter and beamed
At the job offer from the other coast.
Before I could feign a congratulatory smile,
Melanie was whisked out of my life

by Marvin Brato Sr

Comments (3)

Philips is a class act. Etch it in tetch.
Great story. I love the abrupt ending.10+ -chuck
beautifully done, Michael.