Getting Old

Poem By teri bronte

Who is the man with little grey hair
Who is the man, wearing away and nobody cares
Who is the man with very bad eyes
Who is the man who gives out sighs
Who is the man with very bad ears
Who is the man whose been forgotten over the years

Who Is this man, it can't be me
I'm only the inside not the part you see
Who is this man whose afraid to die
Who is this man whose trying hard not to cry

Who Is this man, now I know who
It is me and may become you
For some this story will come true
But don't be sad if it happens to you
Remember all your life, until, you depart
Beauty is not in the skin, it's in the heart

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Oh joy, oh joy, don't leave just yet, linger on awhile and wash my days with a mist of morning dew..just enough to make me feel alive and full of you.
Oh joy, oh joy, i strech and purr like a kitten after her nap knowing you are nearby with a touch so soft and yet so familiar with my every aches and make them enhanced and slide on to a ride that won't stop until i reach that place of bliss where you never know if you will find your way back.
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