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Getting Over Mark
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Getting Over Mark

Poem By Eman Awad

Mark was her happiness and her smiles,
he was her whole world.
She was ready to run a thousand miles,
just to be his loving girl.
I told her that this love would kill her,
but she never cared.
He was leading her on,
but she wasn't aware.
When they fell in love a year ago,
he held her hand,
and he promised not to let go.
Tears after tears she cried,
his eyes and smiles, she never forget them.
I told her he is gone forever but she denied,
and for the first time she tried to get over him..
But i knew from the lost condition she was in,
she prayes daily to see him again.
I knew she hid fears and fears within,
i knew every night that she cried in pain.
No love managed to get through to her heart,
and she seemed to be forgetting.
But his memory tared her apart,
and whenever she tried, she ends up regretting.
Time separeted us by a year,
then we got to meet in a place.
But still i can see that eternal tear,
rolling and rolling down her face.
She told me about the time,
when the visions get dark, so damn dark.
Then she cry her heart out saying,
there is no use getting over Mark.
Or there is no way to get over him at all...
She told me when she saw him one day,
he was with another girl.
She was about to smile then she ran away,
unable to breathe, in a whirl.
How can he be so cruel?
and from what, they made his heart?
But she isn't the fool,
and some day, i know, she will get over Mark ....

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