HA ( / Canada)

Getting Over You

Don't get me wrong-
I still love you.
But now it doesn't hurt so much,
because there's someone new.
I don't love him,
but he cares.
I don't know him that well,
but he's fair,
and he's cute,
I try not to stare.
He's an antidote,
a way to get over you,
and it's working,
your slowly fading away to awaiting doom.
The doom of nothingness,
because you won't feel,
you won't feel a thing,
even when to me it's so real.
I'm a flower,
who has yet to bloom,
but I'm glad I didn't bloom because of you,
now there's an impending doom.
You're self-absorbed,
I hate you,
even though I still love you.
I probably always will,
but this I just assume.
Maybe someday,
I'll walk down the isle,
look at the guy that's not you,
and truly smile.

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I love this poem. I wish I found an antidote to my ex might be easier. Please check out my poems =) Great work.10++