Getting Ready

The hotel
was behind
Charing Cross

some back street
in some room
up some stairs

Nima says
it will do
the bed's old
I bet some
old queen slept
in this bed

and died here
I reply
lying down
on the bed

she lay down
beside me

that old dear
who gave me
this old key
gave me the
once over
as if she
the reason
we are here
I tell her

course she does
I bet she's
outside now
for the bed
to begin
making noise
Nima says

I get up
and turn on
the gas fire

then undress
watching her
by the one
small window
without clothes

her tight butt
her slim waist
to my eyes
feasting them

my pecker
for the job
that's ahead
in the old
black metal
double bed.

by Terry Collett

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good writing, thanks, I like it.