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Ghazal 10: Let The Lover Know
HOS (1390 AD / Shiraz)

Ghazal 10: Let The Lover Know

Poem By Hafiz of Shiraz

O! Your radiant face is reflected by the moon
The dimple in your chin is to loveliness a boon

Hankering for your sight, my spirit leaps to my throat
Shall it return or leave? What is the bid to be sought?

The vision of your narcissus eyes left none but in blight:
Better for you to veil the purity of your engaging sight!

Our Fortune sunk in sleep may finally come to awaken;
Poured over her eyes is water from your charm taken.

Send with the breeze a posy from your face so fair:
So I may pick a scent from your garden's dust to share!

God give you longevity and success, Sakis of Jam's court,
Even though, I was denied a wine-cup with you to sport.

My heart is sorely troubled; let the lover know:
O friends, beware lest my spirit perish in woe.

O Lord! I wonder when my love is fated to ensnare
That ruffled maiden with my serene soul to pair.

Pass by with your skirt uplifted to shun blood and dust:
Oh, this path has witnessed a throng despaired and lost.

Hafiz is praying. Hear! Say Amen! Say!
Let your ruby lips on mine my food lay!

O breeze! Convey to the people of Yazd what we say:
May the head of every ingrate to a mall bat fall prey!

English Translation © Ali Salami
Tehran, Iran

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