Ghazal 4: That Charming Turk

Should that charming Turk of Shiraz win my soul
Samarkand and Bukhara, I will barter for her mole

Saki! Serve the remnant wine; in Eden, you cannot gaze
Upon the barges of Ruknabad or Musalla balmy ways

Alas! The saucy sweet dames plunge the town in broil
Lo, they murdered patience as Turks had trays of spoil

The beloved is needless of an imperfect love like mine
By light, colors and mole, can a face more fairly shine?

From the beauty of Josef increasing daily without fail
I knew love could lure Zuleikha from behind the veil

Affront me or curse me, I will pray; it's meet.
A bitter reply suits those ruby lips sugar-sweet

Love! Hear my advice! For the youths gay,
Cherish - dearer than life - what wise men say:

Partake of music and wine! Care little how time flies
Nay, no one has ever solved the secret of the skies

Your lays versed; pearls pierced. Hafiz! Sing with bliss
Let the sky grace my poetry with clusters of Pleiades.

English Translation © Ali Salami
Tehran, Iran

by Hafiz of Shiraz

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