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Ghazal 9: Brothers Of The Way
HOS (1390 AD / Shiraz)

Ghazal 9: Brothers Of The Way

Poem By Hafiz of Shiraz

Yester night, from temple to tavern, our Master went,
Brothers of the Way! 'What advice can be to us lent? '

How can we, the disciples, to the qibla make our way,
When the Master turned to where the tavern lay? '

In the Magian's tavern, we too will our sojourn make:
Our fate led us from primordiality to the path we take

Could the mind see what joy the heart in love received,
Wise men would lose mind, by our chain to be deceived

Your beaming face revealed to us from above a sign:
Grace and goodness are now destined to combine

Deep in the night, will your stony heart to softness turn
For our fiery sighs, and the grief our breasts can burn?

Hafiz! Silent! The arrows of our sighs pierce the sphere, Have pity on your soul! Our missiles, avoid and fear!

English Translation © Ali Salami
Tehran, Iran

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