Billy And His Drum

Ho! it's come, kids, come!
'With a bim! bam! bum!
Here's little Billy bangin' on his big bass drum!
He's a-marchin' round the room,
With his feather-duster plume
A-noddin' an' a-bobbin' with his bim! bom! boom!

Looky, little Jane an' Jim!
Will you only look at him,
A-humpin' an' a-thumpin' with his bam! bom! bim!
Has the Day o' Judgment come
Er the New Mi-len-nee-um?
Er is it only Billy with his bim! bam! bim!

I 'm a-comin'; yes, I am--
Jim an' Sis, an' Jane an' Sam!
We'll all march off with Billy an' his bom! bim! bam!
Come _hurrawin'_ as you come,
Er they'll think you're deef-an'-dumb
Ef you don't hear little Billy an' his big bass drum!

by James Whitcomb Riley

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Hum par tumari chah ka ilzam hy tu hy Dushnam tu nahi hy ya ikram hy tu hy karthi hain jis py taan koi juram tu nahi Shoq-e-fazol o ulfat-e-nakam hy tu hy Dil mudai ki harf-e- malamat sy shad hy ay jan-e-jaa ya harf tira naam hy tu hy Dil na umeed tu nahi nakam hy tu hy Lambi hy gham ki sham magar sham hy tu hy Dast-e-falak may gardish-e-taqdir tu nahi Dast-e-falak may gardish-e-ayaam hy tu hy Alhir tu iak roz kari gy nazar-e-wafa Wu yar khush khisal sar-e-bam hy tu hy Baigee hy raat faiz ghazal eibtyda karo Waqt-e-saro dard ka ghangam hy tu hy
The man could write couldn't he? He writes without effort, there is no filter between his heart and his readers. We are blessed by his pen
A beautiful translation of a wonderful ghazal of Faiz.
wah ray faiz wahhhh kya wordingzzzzz hai wah wah
This is a beauty of ghazal and never lack of love and perfection in their rhyms.... So good to read over and over again.
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