Ghengis Khan

Setting The Stage

Yuan verse! To tell of the man
Who founded a dynasty in China
His family was huge as the man
Passing the rocky outcrop to
Another ridge, is our fluidity
Of our conquest, passed the
Dwellings of a rutted track
To create fresh breeze melodies
To fan the fire with exhilaration
Here in the crucible forged rock
The Savannah of scattered trees
Along the myriad valleys valleys
He drew a curved bow with a smile
In all ceremony releasing his men
In various directions, arrows placed
On a world map of a large scale
The sounds of applause heard
In the waves of the earth's seas
Mirroring the seagulls hand claps
That other Emperors only dreamed of

The armies dissipated smoke
Over the plains, only to reform and
Return when they wished, they commanded
The presence of a wherewithal that
Happened through, vital and strong
Reincarnating as the people of today.
The land was cultivated by them
As the empire grew and the world was.
He reigned in his cavalry with a fist
The wall of China his boundary
All to bring us to where we find ourselves
Today, the turning point, the Buddhist
And the Taoist symbols spin of one accord.

by Zubyre Parvez

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