An Attainment Of Reality

Walking in depths of interior sadness, watching tear drops
glisten wherever tears may splash and fall.

Striving all of life to find some particle of happiness,
living for it's appearance in life, making it worthwhile
if even just for that tiny moment.

Explicitly learning everything possible, taking abstracts
from another universe and blending them with an attainment
of reality, although centered in the midst of imagination.

Open and welcoming into this mind, allowing the creation
of poetry to infiltrate and expand in leaps and bounds,
nothing standing in it's way.

Loving the bountiful fruition of intellect as it enters
realms of fantasy, creating so many ideas that flower and
blossom into an existence coming solely from an interior

Totally and eternally grateful for gifts that I was born
with, innately and thankfully enjoying watching them grow
and be nurtured by my soul.

Entirely rolled into one being, the world at my feet,
giving the words meanings and definitions that I desire.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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