Ghost Introducing Itself

You don't know me
but often I lie down beside you
I hover above when you walk
I breathe down your neck when it's cold
(Yes, you might say, I'm creepy)

I sit beside you
when you are in the train
I am the uninvited passenger in your car
and you throw your things on my lap

I am the one, sometimes in a spirit of mischief,
who moves your keys and you search about
and say, "I'm sure I placed them in the drawer"
Then you find them under the table
(and you wonder if you need more memory tablets)

I hug you sometimes
(you might feel some desire arise in you then,
and you wonder why)
and I run my finger down your spine

I don't show myself
because you may not take me seriously enough -
or you just might take me too seriously

In the ghost world, we don't think
you beings in your world know enough moderation
but we love your living skin

by Raj Arumugam

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