Simple Things

I haven't seen you in three days.
I've waited for you to come online.
But you haven't even talked to me.
So why will you this time.

I've tried to forget you.
But my heart is in your hands.
A peice of me is missing.
Stretched far across the land.

I want to tell you how I feel.
Explain the words in my head.
How whenever your around.
My cheeks burn red.

I feel like such a fool.
Happy because you said goodbye.
With a talk to you tommorow.
Instead of just going offline.

But isn't that a romance.
A star crossed lovers tale.
How two hearts beat as one.
And love never seems to fail.

Im afraid I wont see you tommorow.
Im afraid I'll crumple away.
Breaking from this love.
That was never ment to stay.

Sad thing is you dont know.
You're compeltly unaware.
I know its pathetic.
But im afraid you just wont care.

How can I trust somebody.
That barely knows me.
Who's heart is made of stone.
Full of simple things.

by Silence Dogood

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