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Ghost Of You
JC (07/04/1989 / )

Ghost Of You

Poem By J.D. Crockett

You plauge my every dream
every night I toss and turn
memories drifting from my awake
to haunt my subconscious mind

while I sleep you fill my every sense
the smell of your perfume fills my nose
wafting in the air and drifting straight to my soul
just like a ghost of you

I can see your face lying close to mine
like a vision of all that is pure and good
etched into my brain and seared into my soul
just like a ghost of you

I hear your voice whispering to me
telling me your every thought
expressing your feelings right from your soul
just like a ghost of you

I feel you close to me
your nose touching mine
your hair drifting across my face
just like a ghost of you

when I wake I can still taste your lips
fitting with mine like they were meant to fit
as if they were cast from the same mold
and the taste lingers like a ghost of you

tonight I lie awake
remembering how we used to be
and wishing we could be again
praying for more than a ghost of you

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