VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Ghost Touch

A swirl of the blurred reality, between this place and the next
Shadow moves in the living dawn, but unphysical beyond the context
Voices merged into the incomprehensible, jungle of the unheard
For time has stopped for this, an apparitions worlds, reoccurred

Feeling the presence as its force, is connected to me, somehow
Turn to face, the invisible truth and choose to stare, or take a bow
Are you messenger, collector, a warning for my soul, or a visitation?
An unseen spectres hand, upon, my shoulder as the coldest invitation

Message conveyed by principle, instinct of the words, of the since gone
Why have you entered my world? Why are you here before me, as one?
Is there some solace, you sought to pass by here? Or human contact again
To what you seek in my company, the loneliness hath become your pain

Unseen as you are, beyond my eyes, I can only envisage the imagination
Unlimited in your travels, origins speak only, of histories and invocation
Did you find the heaven that was sought? Did you escape from hell somehow?
Can I trust you with my thoughts? Can I open myself to you or remain low?

A simple shadow passing, is all that is witnessed, to the sign of your becoming
As I am tuned to you spirit, I have limited time, to your limitless unbinding
Tears flow from my eyes, as the connection to this place, is finally confirmed
Not that my heart is breaking, or be it that I am afraid, this moment, is turned

Chill me to the bone, as the very air freezes upon, the time of my existence
So I meet you in this paradox, the physical touch, of their subliminal conscience
World of the clear and yet unseen, crossing the borders of the living sensation
To the next set of rules, of unbridled and borderless, properties and creation

A sudden acquired knowledge, that blows me apart, from the inside of my heart
What is this now? Your entirety and emotions flowed, within me like an abstract art?
Struggling to comprehend this, sinking down to my knees, a vision is left upon me
Rising to myself again, I see the face of my own staring back, longing to be free

Is it to be, that the place I saw was within, my own soul? Spiritually enlightened
A flow of energy to be ever binding, in my heart so that I am wiser, never frightened
The presence, of the ghost, falls beyond my sight and sense, my visitation has ended
Sat where this moment had started, I vision myself again, senses never apprehended

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