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As I Grew Older
NA (15 December 1973 / London, England)

As I Grew Older

It was a long time ago.
I have almost forgotten my dream.
But it was there then,
In front of me,
Bright like a sun—
My dream.
And then the wall rose,
Rose slowly,
Between me and my dream.
Rose until it touched the sky—
The wall.
I am black.
I lie down in the shadow.
No longer the light of my dream before me,
Above me.
Only the thick wall.
Only the shadow.
My hands!
My dark hands!
Break through the wall!
Find my dream!
Help me to shatter this darkness,
To smash this night,
To break this shadow
Into a thousand lights of sun,
Into a thousand whirling dreams
Of sun!

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Comments (4)

Each ghost is great in beauty, Full of foolish whims and ideas, Their wish is to comprehend us, even to master us. Ghost mastering... ghost understanding. ghost weeping....... nice ideas. dear poet. thank u. tony if time allows would u read my poem. if you die before me. thank you. tony
Liked your thought... A bit different to read.........
Great poem. God bless us all-MJG.
It's little scary...but nicely write... Like th way u write..