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Ghosts (Children)
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Ghosts (Children)

Soldiers standing at their posts
often are afraid of ghosts.
Said a soldier to a tree
HALT or I will shoot at thee.
Came a rustle through the leaves,
instant thought, it must be thieves.
But the diggers of Down Under
run away if there is thunder.
One of them was in the loo
when a daddy kangaroo
wandered by in silent mode.
Wishing that he were a toad
he took out his firearm,
bullets sounded the alarm.
But the daddy kangaroo
tinkled on his polished shoe.
Soldiers must guard us civilians,
yankees count three hundred millions,
most of them, from coast to coast
do shudder when they see a ghost.
Now tell me kids, without a lie
have you guys seen a scared GI?

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