Ghosts March

Poem By Lyre Bleus

One of my anit-war pieces...

anti-war demonstrator terrorized outa me
to instead toe the line of the ruling party
and so the streets remain cold and empty

mainstream media looks the other way
beating the war drums louder each day
decency and sanity have gone astray

the choir remains silent;
nary can be heard a anti-war lament
the silence seems to urge on consent

the carnage in Mesopotamia seems
to be all a fantastic illusion, a weird dream.
Going unheard echoes of dying screams

Except for young warriors and their families,
And the children of Mesopotamia, especially
Who are left to deal with this tragic reality……..

Comments about Ghosts March

I wondered.....very fantastic poem I read it in this month....very very nice...goodluck

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