Ghosts Of The Past

The ones left behind
Will have revenge
Will have their time

Pictures of the past burnt
Memories of the old hurt
Lost to the world by dauntless nights
Never to Return to the after life

Stubborn being full of want
Stays to roam the earth to haunt
Doesn't want to be put to rest
Doesn't want to forget its family crest

Looking for a way to be
Cannot be set free
Its bound to the wounds of yesterday
Tied to it, here to stay

Seeking souls of man
One by one
Two by two
Tormented by the hate for you

An infinite dream
To devour man
A secret faint phantom
Sweeping across the land

Pain of the wicked be set free
To relieve the anguish
It feels to feed

Forced to hate
Forced to want
Only one thing it wants to hunt

Forced to be
Forced to free
The bodily force from thee

Forced to kill
Forced by thrill
A romance of death, the killing wheel
The cycle of life is carried on
By the one who takes your only son.

Creature born by fate
An uncrushable will, the will to hate.

Forced to feed
Forced to need
Its hunger, forced to breed
The time is drawing near
What life is at stake
Life is relieved of stress

by Gabriel Victor Kukich

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