Giantism Of Our Time

Poem By Bullion Grey

Looking back at the edges of miscellaneous boundaries and borders, it is sometimes difficult to be able to perceive the important things from the less important. I believe these intangibles, with abstractions of concrete things, places, act as a billboard of history with both the signs and warnings, celebrations and tears of the Giantism of our times.

They are the advertisers of the Giantism of our times. Now I know there’s no such word as Giantism, especially referring to the history of humanity, but it came to me as a simple expression that probably should exist.

As a landmark monument word that details so sudden and loud yet so subtle and soft with an advertising, our ancient mythology, as both a cliffhanger and a study in boredom.

The extraterrestrials must watch from afar, always amazed at our ignorance. Amongst the billions and billions of stars we stand like a giant Sequoia an ancient growing tree with so many roots and branches within innumerable pine-needles. Each part of the whole, yet occupying their own spot, space, among the giant Sequoia of the universe.

Here we are in the middle of an Aquarian conspiracy, partakers in both positive and negative vibes that continually barrage our homes and minds. Trying to hold our ears closed with our hands and yet absorbing every little note that passes by. Each live in their own moments to memorials of Giantism landmarks that they are just a small part of.
We, the miscellaneous of the galactic home of light,
signaling and alarming each other with signs,
we know must be important this day.

Once in a while glancing back to the vanishing point of our combined past and catching a glimpse of the Giantism of our time. The Giantism of our ideas. The Giantism of our cultures, beliefs, thoughts.

Etched in our spirits….each carries the scribbled past, a small speck of the Giantism of our shared souls. They are the advertisers of the Giantism of our collective lives‘.

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