Gibber Jabber Flabber

I can’t understand what you’re saying,
Is that gibber or jabber or elastic-farce splaying?
Is that intelligible language from your mouth so freely spraying?
Are you speaking words at all or playing?
Oh wait—
You starred in Eragon.
Never mind.

by Jonzo Bandwagoner

Comments (2)

Oh, do come now, it wasn't all that bad. I mean, besides the script, acting, story, and appalling plagiarism, it was... ah... appealing to the very extreme class of nerds... Not me, of course. No.
*uncontrolled laughing* this is the funniest EVER. It almost seemed like you were serious as I read it but then...HA...gotcha! ! it's about, teehee, Eragon. Way to lighten the mood...I need to do the same for mine. syl*r. -landrey