Wrapped in an overflowing smile
A hallowed gift loomed ahead
in the long road ahead.
The interminable paths had
drained the last drop
of hope from him.
The battered soul never
found solace or quenched its thirst.
Blandily blending his blankness
and painful plight
dragged on in arid lands,
hope merged into hopelessness
seamlessly and voluntarily.
Still chugged on and on
for there was no other go.
Once commenced every journey
got to continue and
the dishvelled mind of his
tried to pick up from the pieces
of hope that laid in tatters.
The hallowed light sparkled
with inviting luminosity in the path.
Hesitation held back the tired soul
still he approached diffidently.
Overwhelmed he became
as words rose and the throat
dried up in unison.
But hope still thrived.
Yes, that was the gift
that time kept for him,
His gift which hid in the path,
now unveiled itself
with sprightly elan.
Blinded and deafened in that sparkle
in that shade of limitless succour
he was fuelled to move on.
What to give back?
Add light to sun, drops to ocean?
He just smiled and moved on,
the unwrapped gift followed him
showering its hallowed light
brightening the paths ahead of him.


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