Gift Of Life

To be born poor
Can be a blessing
For what you get
Is what you get

Born naked
Not wanted
Though oozing with life

Born with a smile
A heart so strong
No possessions
The Gift Of Life

A gift to grow
To share
To connect
A gift
For any, willing to accept

Working hard
For the money
Poor no longer
Sprouting seeds

But the tables turn
The cutlery
The napkins
The dinner set is gone
All gone

The once scraps
Now flavoursome leftovers
No more heating
Though blanket & socks

The Gift Of Life
Is not your possessions
The Gift of Life
Is what your heart possesses

What you want to Give

Will Not....
Satisfy your heart

Life truly is a Gift
Appreciate each moment
The natural beauty
The hope
That we are all here
To help one another

Copyright Reserved June 12th 2015
Lyn Paul

by Lyn Paul

Comments (13)

Life is the greatest gift. We feel this gift and we thank God. Greatest gift is motivated by life and we thank God ever. Life is precious too. This poem is excellently penned with broader theme...10
It's in adversities that we grow, not in the easy rich life when we have everything that we want.
So true! Gift of life is not our possession. It is a blessing to be cherished and to help others to have that blessing. Very inspirational poem that comes from a heart who really believes in what it writes. Thanks for sharing Lyn.
Born with a smile! To save the world with love. Thanks for sharing.
The gift of life heart wants is giving the best one can for the world to share and live all as one family in one world! Your gift of life is enjoyable to experience in the world!
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