VN (1992 - 06 - 09 / Lithuania - Kaunas)

Gifts From Santa

Here comes winter again
Year after year I see the same

I see snow
I see stars
I see beautifull wishes of kids

I see families
I see gifts under fir
I see red outfits

But I cant see real Santacloase
Is he dead or is he hiding or does he dont exist

But I dont cear
Aslong as I get gifts I`m happy
Becose I`m selfish
I want more I want each time more

Last year I got twenty gifts
And this year I want to get thirty

As long as I get gifts I dont cear anything
I want more more and more

There is no end
Thats wot makes kids happy
And there is noone wo would say no
Noone wo would go agains it

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