Gifts Of Life

What I drew with oil or trot this way could not be achieved. I liked the good times can last long enough unfortunately, smile makeover, rain droplets trickling back into the ancient passages. All wells are drying in the last bucket. I abandoned all hopes of dreams moment is that while I created a legend on the absurd. To sacrifice some things devoid of their true values. I expected every year, season or tide rising tone, blue chip joined by freshwater flows outcrop, the beautification of the colors of life in Renaissance dyed more, see the meteor spark my wishes Seed dawn. A very coveted peace in serenity. While I spread my pain overflow source delirium, the silence of the star in stellar madness in the universe. A creature of the wind from a frôleuse beauty that God created as our Almighty loves beauty, woke up the chaos of a youth who took everything from me. The fever of my soul rekindled the magic ball of my eyes. GOOD GOD! Nothing has been decimated, my picture remained intact. A house with two windows, the entrance stairway of granite, surrounded by a garden full of fresh trees and shadows, the starfish living in the small mahogany cabinet. Love dried rayon, beyond my cradle of a chandelier of infinity (The flood of poison in the honey of the past resurfaces.)

by AID Abdelhakim

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