Gifts Of Spirit

These gifts of spirit I bring you,
Each one is wrapped up with care,
Each one is very precious,
A present for all to share,

My first gift is of happiness,
To bring laughter to those in need,
To fill their hearts with gladness,
And love on which to feed.

My second gift is thoughts,
To send to those alone,
To those that have no families,
To those that have no home.

My third gift is of understanding,
For those of different faiths,
To understand their fellow man,
No matter what colour or race.

My forth gift is of peace,
That the world should be as one,
Where all should work together,
For together we all are strong.

My final gift is from Spirit,
A message that is loud and clear,
That your spirit is eternal,
That death holds no fear

by Malcolm Bradshaw

Comments (1)

Very interesting concept. Very well done, The whole idea is told through perfect wording. Fine penning. S.S.Sandok