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Gigantic Space

Gigantic space,
Everything including us made just by a big bang,
Colossal, enormous, immense,
It's as free as a bird,
It's as endless as numbers,
Gigantic space,
It make me wonder whats outside it.

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I like this Pearl, it flows very well and is an ideal narrative for a poem. The only problem I can see in it is the line about being free as a bird. All other descriptions use an abstract measurement and bird is not only cliche but doesn't fit in.
A poem of a talented and enquiring mind will fathom out the why and wherefores Emily. A nice little thought provoking poem. It kind of makes us feel so small don't you think? Good work, Smiling at you, Tai
hi emily those r two pretty poems keep going! !
Gigantic is the right word for this one Emily. This is really a lovely read, and a lovely write too. You have explained the universe so clearly, and we all wonder what is beyond space. Beautifully expressed. Welcome to Poemhunter nice to have you with us. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Emily, you are very sharp. Challenging yourself and asking questions...awesome! We're all very proud of you here at poemhunter. Here's a challenge Emily...can you write a poem about...smiles? Dee
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