Gilah Hai Shauq Ko

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यह जान्‌ता हूं कि तू और पासुख़-ए मक्‌तूब मगर सितम-ज़दह हूं ज़ौक़-ए ख़ामह-फ़र्‌सा का. वाह!
Ardor complains, even/also in the heart, of narrowness of place in a pearl became absorbed/annihilated the restlessness of the sea I know this: that 'you, and an answer to a letter! ' but/perhaps I am oppressed by a relish/taste that wears away the pen Spring is henna on the foot of autumn; if {exactly this is so / it is exactly this}, The pleasure/luxury of the world is a permanent trouble/vexation of the mind/heart In the grief of separation, don't give me the trouble of taking a stroll in the garden I have no mind/desire/'nose' for inappropriate smiles Now/still I long for intimacy with beauty Every hair-root has the desire/intention of a seeing eye Even before the airs and graces, we gave over our heart to her where would we have a mind/fancy/desire for the claim/dunning/importunity of beauty? Don't say that weeping is in proportion to the longing of the heart! In my gaze is the collecting/inflow and expenditure/outflow of the sea Having looked at heaven/sky/fate, I remember her/Him, Asad In anger she/He has the manner of a ruler/commander
Even in the heart, desire complains of the space The disturbance of the ocean have been absorbed into the pearl
फ़लक को देख के कर्‌ता हूं उस को याद असद जफ़ा में उस की है अन्‌दाज़ कार-फ़र्‌मा का
it's nice to see an international poet write of the U.S.