MAB ( / Sydney)

Gin And Tonic.

I don't want any fancy Boutique beer
And I can't drink cocktails bionic
What I need to fill me with cheer
Is a long cool iced, gin and tonic.

Some drink cocktails with juice and berries
And some sip whisky milk, platonic
The blue rinse ladies do love their sherries
But give me a well made gin and tonic.

A frosted glass and filled with ice
With added lemon, and fresh lime zest
Topped with tonic it's so, so nice
And the London dry gin is the best.

So no more prose, it's late in the day
And wowsers claim all drink demonic
I have said my all, what I would say
It's time now for that gin and tonic.

MB 1/2011

by Michael A Berriman

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