Ginger Bread Babies, Ginger Bread Pets

Poem By Amy Murtagh

And my imagination shapes you
Kneading you to need me
Like I need you so
Mould the clay
Mould the dough

Who are you?
I don’t know
We have never met

But I have faith
I will find you yet
We’ll make ginger bread babies
And ginger bread pets

Comments about Ginger Bread Babies, Ginger Bread Pets

Nice work with the muse of your imagination.
Beautiful poem with a very skillful use of imagery...Hope you get to make real babies and not just gingerbread babies...
What an imagination based on bread making with human relationship to be made soon!
Lovely use of metaphor with molding clay and dough. Lovely poem keep it up.
Clever line: kneading you to need me and a clever, fascinating poem. But I would like to know more about you, Amy Murtagh. How old were you when you wrote the poem? Did you find the person you were kneading (and needing) ? Do you still write? You haven't submitted anything to this site for more than nine years.

3,7 out of 5
7 total ratings

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