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Giovanni A Widowed Grand-Dad

He may be in his eighties but he still does enjoy
Observing the beauty born of Nature as he did as a boy
From her one never does stop learning of Nature he does say
Though to that he adds her secrets from us hidden away

He has been a Nature lover for seventy years or more
Ever since he was a boy in a northern Country far inland from the ocean shore
And though the years have left him walking slower and the hair on his balding head is gray
He will be a Nature lover until his life's final day

He has many happy memories of his childhood years in Italy
Where he first fell in love with Nature in his old home far inland from the sea
He recalls the brown wren of the hedgerow with the huge family
For a tiny little fellow none could sing so loud as he

Giovanni a widowed grand-dad in his eighties stands by the town park lake
Listening to the pleasant piping of the mottled brown chestnut teal drake
In the twilight of his existence time it has become his foe
But he is still as much a fan of Nature as he was decades ago.

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