Papa has fulfilled his promise
He has given me his ride of wisdom
Chaa n'uzo Promise
Let me ride to their kingdom

Nkea atola mu bullshit
Pull the gongs and the drums
Let the huts hear
And its inhabitants dance

Girim! Let me kiss the feet of Ukwu Udala
To flex the white man's legs
And watch waists gyrate
With vigor and honour

But beneath, lies the reverse of my painful words
It seats in my heart-chamber in tears
Because Egwu Onwa has just been scraped
And Kpukpu ogele is now a crap

Who will restore us?

*Papa - - Father
*Chaa n'uzo - - Leave my way
*Nkea atola mu - - this one has made me happy
*Girim - - the bicycle's sound
*Ukwu Udala - - the star Apple's shade
*Egwu Onwa - - Moonlight dance
*Kpukpu ogele - - a children play

by Ekwueme Kelechi

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great piece, poet Ekweme....thanks for sharing.. :)