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Girirajasuta Tanaya
T (1767 - 1847 / India)

Girirajasuta Tanaya

Poem By Tyagaraja

Ragam : bangALa

Thalam : dEshAdi

Pallavi :
GirirAjasutA tanaya sadaya

Anupallavi :
SuranATha mukhArcita pAdayuga! paripAlayamAm ibharAjamukha!

Charanam :
GananATha ! parAtpara ! sankarAgama vArinidhi rajanIkara ! PhanirAjakaNkana ! vighna nivAraNa ! shAmbhava ! srItyAgarAjanuta


O son of the daughter of the king of the mountains, O kind hearted one!

Protect me, O one who has the face of the king of the elephants. Your feet are worshipped by the king of the Gods.

O lord of the Ganas, O supreme one! You are the auspicious who is like a moon to the ocean like Vedas. The serpent king adorns your arm like a bracelet. You are the remover of obstacles. O son of Shambhu, Tyagaraja worships you.

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Actually it is a devotional classic best of ones loved all over the karnatic music lovers and its contents is full of devotion which is the basic essence of Karnatic classical music and Thyagaraja is supreme singer. I love this poem in that angle.