Mental Health Visitation

My soul is wondering wondering what to do
there is happiness inside me but mostly I feel blue
It's summer outside but winter in my heart
my art has nearly left me it's distant and drawn apart
a portrait of a madman torn and broke in two
if only you knew what it was like but then you would have to choose
this melancholy madness this pit of deep despair
can anybody pull me out does anybody care
I share with you my dreams my inspiration and my hopes
but these drugs I'm on keep me so flat and God that is no joke
Psychiatry has left worse than I was before it's labelled and belied me
you should learn the score but I ask myself what for
my soul has been suspended by chemicals harsh and cruel
my life has been upended and now I feel the fool
I am a walking zombie my emotions numb and blank
If you knew the truth about mental health you would not wonder why it stank
Harsh words for the professionals although their core beliefs seem okay but God is in the
details and that's to their dismay
For all their thoughts of caring they torture us with their needles and their drugs, ECT and lobotomies and highly trained thugs
they cannot see me through their half truths all they see is labels of that no one can deny for every truth they tell they tell a dozen lies

by Sheldon Carruthers

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