Girl Dream

Getting butterflies every time I stare in her eyes.

Her promiscuous eyes hold back lies.

We whisper secretes in each others ears like spies.

Telling her my dreams about flying in the skies

With our love the sky is no limit

After our lips touch, I look at her and tell her she beautiful

Walking in the park together under the moon

As we walk our hands combine as if they were meant to be

Take her out to eat and wait for her tummy to suttle

If it rain ill lay down my jacket so she can walk over a puddle

It feels like Dejavu every time I see you

In the morning I look in her eyes and watch the sunrise

by Tim Carter

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I really liked the idea, and some of the descriptive things were done well. But I felt the writing needed much work. There were several hitches along the way and it didn't read as well as it might. I thought the material was super and that is why the writing problems were so obvious. GW62