TC (9/2/92 / New York)

The Woman Who Runs The Fruit Stand

The Woman Who Runs The Fruit Stand;
and i her enjoy
and the others at rest
are her fruit
that she does check each day as well
and i am no different
as i ask her help for
ripeness i fear
is here upon me now
i ask about the grapes
she lays
her hands upon them as well
when she is done
and states
her friend will come
and check
and that i will know that touch as well.
And being comforted by that
and the others as well
our trust
we have laid with she
who is our
woman who runs ours, the fruit stand.

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I really liked the idea, and some of the descriptive things were done well. But I felt the writing needed much work. There were several hitches along the way and it didn't read as well as it might. I thought the material was super and that is why the writing problems were so obvious. GW62