Poem Hunter
(18 May 1890 – 22 January 1964 / Brisbane)


It’s holiday time on the hollyhock hills,
And I wish you would come with me laddie-love, now,
The butterfly-bells, from the Folly-fool rills,
Will ring if you listen, and drop on your brow.
So, dear come along,
I’ve a kiss and a song,
And I know where the fairies are forging a gong
To ring up the elves to a festival fair
Of snippets of sunshine and apples of air.
O laddie, my laddie, quick, run out of school,
And away with a shout and a shake of the head;
I’ll pick you a pearl from the pigeon-pink pool
Where cuddles and kisses are going to bed,
Away, come away To the lands of the fay,
For the afternoon tinkles your lassie-love’s lay.
Play truant with Time, and while Age is asleep
I’ll give you the heart of my girlhood to keep.

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Comments (5)

I really enjoyed this poem. Warm, lighthearted, and I really like your choices of words. A 10 for me.
Cute, but that's about as far as I can go- - 'Girl Gladness' is something a little different for me. Unfortunately it's a disease I've had all my life. And it's the only thing in life that I fail at repeatedly yet continue to strive and hope for again and again. In psychiatric circles they call that abnormally obsessed. But I truly feel it isn't my fault. God is the one who made curves so perfectly. He just forgot to remove the crazy.... But Zora Bernice has such a wonderfully cute name I simply must give her kudos.
An amazing rhymes of ababcdcd etc. It's wonderful poem
Hill preparing for festival fair where joy and fun are sure to take place are wonderfully brought to our mind's eye!
ZORA, I’ve a kiss and a song, And I know where the fairies are forging a gong BEAUTIFUL POEM. THANK'S A LOT. ALL MY BEST WISHES. SUKUMAR