Girl Got No Mirror By Gio Masserati

Girl Got No Mirror

Girl ya got no mirror
this girl just can't see...

Once there lived a girl
who had totally died

deep down inside
all was lost
she could not be revived

she cried and cried and cried
though she tried
this girl felt died

Jesus tried
He cried and pried and sighed
get up, I say 'Get Up! '
to no avail
this girl's ship was already setting sail

but then...

darkness came and darkness went
the brightest lights came and shone
and glowed and groaned and glowed
but this girl stayed dead

even the animals tried to wake her up
n Jesus n every saved soul
prayed and prayed and prayed
for days and hours each day

til one day
she prayed
this girl woke up
and prayed and prayed and prayed

finally, an angel dressed as a man
came and handed her a mirror
suddenly, the troubled girl could see
her life's destiny now much clearer

the lovely girl
bounced up to her feet
angels danced to a glorious beat
battles won of Prayer's defeat

she laughed she cried
with tears of sheer joy
faith shone in her eyes
her loving heart restored
hope for the world to see

a babe child came and asked her
how'd you rise from your fall?
the girl smiled in pure bliss
God fought my battle all along

All in all this young girl's death
has brought meaning to surrender
Jesus met her in her need
and brought a happily ever after
the beginning...

by Gio Masserati

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