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Girl In Cemetry
DT (28th August / Kerala, India)

Girl In Cemetry

Poem By Deepa Thomas

Alone in that desolate cemetery
Not a single soul around
Near the grave with a marble angel
Laden with a bunch of roses
Whose tombstone proclaimed
“He was a loving son and brother,
Now, up in Heaven to spread joy”
In the golden letters on white marble

She sat, head bend in silence
A single tear in her eyes
Glistening in the summer sun
Loosing count of passing time
Seconds turning to minutes and hours
Incognizant of the world around

What did she tell him wordlessly?
May be, how much she loved him
May be, how much she miss him
Or may be she questioned
Why he left her all alone?
Why can’t he come back?

Will this world ever want to know
What he was in this world
Other than being a son or brother
What did he meant to her
May be she asked God too
A few of her unanswered questions

Will the world see his wish
To share his world with her
To walk down that church aisle
With her beside him
Hand in hand n’ pride in eyes
To be her knight in shining armour
May be in another world
May be in another life! !

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Comments (5)

Well versed..... You have tried amalgam of words that showcases the feeling of the left soul wanting for the departed.......
You etched the grief of that girl in my mind...
Another poem that brings a portait in front of you - A portrait that also conveys the feelings
Moved beyond words... I can picture that girl.....
Very moving poem. I look forward to reading more from you. Sincerely, Mary