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Girl In The Sunset

Girl in the sunset
I only saw you for a second
Yet your voice penetrated my brain
And echoed endlessly
'Stay with me' you cried
As Your golden blond hair was spinning
And as your lavender shirt caught the slow warm wind's
Under a palm tree that was swaying back and forth in that very same wind
I cannot put a name to your face
Yet you looked so familiar
Were have I seen you before?
In my many years of sailing to come will we ever meet?
That sense of togetherness I felt was indescribable
Passion I have not felt in nearly a decade

Girl in the sunset
I wish to stay under that palm tree
And view the orange sunset with you in my arms in that slow blowing warm winds
On that cobblestone road
Why do you elude me?
When will I find you?
I think I found you
But you are not “her” yet

Girl in the sunset
Please wait for me...

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